Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese with a glass of Red wine not only liked by “Don” ūüėČ but a huge population in earth likes this dish. It’s time taking recipe to prepare but its worth waiting. Cooking spaghetti bolognese is not so difficult but require all your attention while its been cooked. The end result definitely speaks about your passion and the care you put throughout the process. Hence its best for showing your love and care to your loved ones. An evening with candle light dinner having spaghetti bolognese and red wine on the table, fun talks with loved one is all what we need in our life :).hmmm ¬†Sorry guys i just closed my eyes and thought of ¬†my spaghetti evening ha ha… Impress your loved ones with this recipe.¬†Traditionally¬†bolognese is cooked with minced beef. Since most of the Indians don’t eat beef it can be substituted with minced lamb or pork.

Servings:  2

Preparation Time:20mins
Cooking time:1 ¬Ĺ hrs

1)       Spaghetti
150 gm
2)       Minced Lamb/Pork
150 gm
3)       Parmesan Cheese
30 gm
4)       Onion
170 gm (1 medium size)
5)       Tomato
450 gm (4 nos)
6)       Red wine
30 ml
7)       Chicken stock
30 ml
8)       Tomato sauce
3 Tbsp
9)       Water
100 ml
10)  Thyme/Parsley
2 Tsp
11)   Black pepper powder
¬Ĺ Tsp
12)   Olive oil
2 Tbsp
13)   Salt
as req

1) Add oil in the hot pan followed by onion
2) Fry onions till brown for approx. 2 mins in medium flame
3) Add minced lamb/pork. Stir well
4) Boil tomatoes. Get the skin peeled off and make puree
5) Add tomato puree, pepper powder & salt to the meat mixture. Stir well
6) Add tomato sauce and Thyme/Parsley whichever available
7) Add chicken stock, simmer and let it boil for 1 hr stirring occasionally.
For spaghetti:
1) Boil spaghetti in water as per the instruction in the pack
2) Drain excess water and add little oil. Mix well
3) Heat oil in a separate pan and toast spaghetti
4) Add thyme and Stir well
1)      Take half of the cooked spaghetti and place it on the serving plate.
2)      Pour the sauce on the top of spaghetti and grate cheese over it.
3)       Heat it in microwave till cheese melts.

              1)      I have reduced the Bolognese sauce since I like them thick.
                          If you want it runny and creamy add more water and cook thouroughly.
                    2)      Cheese part is traditional way but if you want to keep fat out 
                          then you can omit that part as I did.

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